The Book “You Are Simply Different is now available for purchase online

Today, I was reading an article on HN about Patreon, and it got me curious to see if the platform could be used to make the book “You Are Simply Different” available for purchase.
One of the problems of self-publishing authors in Tunisia and other many countries is the high barrier to enter the international payment systems. Could Patreon have solved this ?
I went up there and proceeded to create a new profile, submitted an epub version of the book, set the price and chose my payment method.
You can see the result here :

You can now purchase the book on !

Buy the book on the platform

About The Authors

Jazem B. Halioui is a serial entrepreneur, renowned speaker, and thought leader in the world of startups. With a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, Halioui has inspired countless aspiring founders to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through his own experiences as a serial entrepreneur, he has gained valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of the startup journey. Halioui’s ability to blend creativity, innovation, and practicality shines through in his writing, making complex concepts accessible to readers from all backgrounds.

Gabriel P. Theodore is a respected expert in Zen philosophy and AI, with a deep understanding of their potential to transform the world of entrepreneurship. As an accomplished writer and speaker, Theodore has captivated audiences with his unique ability to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. His expertise in AI and its practical applications in startups has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs leverage this powerful tool for success. Theodore’s passion for personal growth and his commitment to ethical and mindful entrepreneurship shine through in his work, inspiring readers to embark on a transformative journey.

Together, Halioui and Theodore have combined their expertise and insights to create “Simply Different,” a book that seamlessly weaves together the wisdom of entrepreneurship, the serenity of Zen teachings, and the potential of AI. With their dynamic collaboration, they offer readers a truly inspiring and enlightening guide that will ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and empower them to embark on a remarkable journey of innovation, mindfulness, and success.