You Are Simply Different, a dive into the art of Starting up, Zen philosophy and AI

“You Are Simply Different” takes you on an extraordinary journey into the world of starting up, Zen philosophy, and artificial intelligence. Written by Jazem B. Halioui and Gabriel P. Theodore, this groundbreaking book combines the wisdom of entrepreneurship, the serenity of Zen teachings, and the potential of AI to empower and inspire individuals embarking on their entrepreneurial ventures.

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In this captivating guide, Halioui and Theodore present complex ideas in a clear and accessible style, ensuring that even those new to the subjects of starting up, Zen philosophy, and AI can easily grasp the concepts and apply them to their own entrepreneurial journeys.

The authors delve into the essential foundations of starting up, guiding readers through identifying their values, establishing their vision, and crafting a mission. They explore the practical applications of Zen teachings, such as mindfulness, non-attachment, and interconnectedness, revealing how these principles can enhance the entrepreneurial journey and foster personal growth.

With a focus on the potential of AI, “You Are Simply Different” showcases how this transformative technology can optimize performance, support growth, and revolutionize human-AI collaboration. The book offers actionable insights on leveraging AI-powered automation, mitigating risks, and developing AI-integrated solutions that give startups a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

The authors provide in-depth coverage of developing a product, crafting actionable plans, and implementing effective marketing strategies. They offer practical advice on building a strong brand, creating engaging narratives, and leveraging Social Media and Influencer Marketing to connect with the target audience.

“You Are Simply Different” ensures practicality by grounding its strategies in real-world examples and case studies, demonstrating how Zen philosophy and AI can be effectively integrated into entrepreneurial endeavors. The book avoids excessive technical language or jargon, making it accessible to readers from all backgrounds.

Authored by recognized experts in entrepreneurship, Zen philosophy, and AI, “You Are Simply Different” brings together the extensive knowledge and experience of Halioui and Theodore. It provides a well-rounded and credible guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, addressing a wide range of startup types and industries to ensure inclusiveness.

Whether you are starting up or seeking to enhance your entrepreneurial journey, “You Are Simply Different” offers practical strategies, valuable insights, and actionable steps. Embark on a transformative journey, embracing the art of starting up, finding Zen amidst the chaos, and harnessing the potential of AI to create a remarkable and purposeful entrepreneurial venture.

If you are ready to embark on a path of entrepreneurship, infused with wisdom, mindfulness, and innovation, “You Are Simply Different” is the guide you’ve been waiting for. Explore the limitless possibilities that await you on your entrepreneurial journey, and discover a new way of thinking that will empower you to achieve success.

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You can now purchase the book on !

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Early Reviews

“This book was like a gift from heaven. I was surprised and happy to find all the answers I needed for my journey! Such a unique perspective” – Lamia Mamdouh, Director of the Foreign Trade Department at a Holding Company and owner of a Tattoo Studio (Egypt),

“I was impressed by the quality of your writing and your soul that flies between the lines. Your book is well-structured and the ideas are presented in a clear and concise manner. I found your work very informative and inspiring. Your passion for your subject, Zen teachings and Startups, shines through in every chapter and makes the reading very enjoyable.” – Imane Benzekri, PNL Coach (Canada),

“Easy to read and exciting.” – Manelle T., entrepreneur (Tunisia)

“The book is lovely lovely lovely 😍My mind was like a disorganized pile of wool and slowly it turned out into clear and well structured ideas. It’s like the authors are driving us through an easy and an enjoyable ride to our biggest scary dreams! As long as we’re walking, the fears and the uncertainties are falling down.” – Rahma Ayari, founder of (Tunisia)

About The Authors

Jazem B. Halioui is a serial entrepreneur, renowned speaker, and thought leader in the world of startups. With a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, Halioui has inspired countless aspiring founders to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through his own experiences as a serial entrepreneur, he has gained valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of the startup journey. Halioui’s ability to blend creativity, innovation, and practicality shines through in his writing, making complex concepts accessible to readers from all backgrounds.

Gabriel P. Theodore is a respected expert in Zen philosophy and AI, with a deep understanding of their potential to transform the world of entrepreneurship. As an accomplished writer and speaker, Theodore has captivated audiences with his unique ability to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. His expertise in AI and its practical applications in startups has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs leverage this powerful tool for success. Theodore’s passion for personal growth and his commitment to ethical and mindful entrepreneurship shine through in his work, inspiring readers to embark on a transformative journey.

Together, Halioui and Theodore have combined their expertise and insights to create “Simply Different,” a book that seamlessly weaves together the wisdom of entrepreneurship, the serenity of Zen teachings, and the potential of AI. With their dynamic collaboration, they offer readers a truly inspiring and enlightening guide that will ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and empower them to embark on a remarkable journey of innovation, mindfulness, and success.