Why this book, now? – “You Are Simply Different”

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 “it’s not just what we do, but why we do it that truly sets us apart.” – Simon Sinek 

I often found myself considering whether or not to embark on a new project, including writing a book. On the one hand, I guess that writing a book can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It would allow me to share my knowledge and insights with others, about a topic that I care about and it can serve as a lasting legacy. On the other hand, I also imagine that writing a book requires a significant investment of time and energy. I must be diligent in my research, clear in my writing, and disciplined in my approach.

I spend a few minutes contemplating the inner dialog taking place:

The voice of self-doubt echoes in the mind of the aspiring author, “Why should I write a book? Who would even read it?” But the inner wisdom within answers, “Writing is a journey to be savored, not a destination to be achieved. The words will find their way to the hearts they were meant to touch. Trust the creative process and let the ideas flow effortlessly through you.”

Still uncertain, the voice of self-doubt asks, “But what if I have nothing unique or valuable to say?” The inner wisdom replies, “Embrace your uniqueness and trust in your perspective. Your experiences are a valuable gift to the world. Share your truth with the world, unencumbered by the fear of others’ opinions.”

The self-doubt persists, “What if I don’t find the time or energy to commit to writing the book?” The inner wisdom soothes, “The journey of creation is just as important as the final product. Invest your time and energy wisely and revel in the process of bringing your vision to life. It is not just a destination, but a journey filled with growth and self-discovery.”

Still, the fear of failure lingers, “I’m afraid of failure. What if the book is a flop?” The inner wisdom reminds, “Fear is a common feeling, but it is important not to let it dictate your path. The process of writing and creating is a treasure in and of itself, regardless of external recognition.”

The fear of becoming consumed by the book creeps in, “What if the book takes over my life?” The inner wisdom counsels, “Balance and proportion are key to a fulfilling life. Set clear boundaries and prioritize moments of self-care. Remember, the creation of a book should bring joy and personal growth, not just be focused on its final result.”

The self-doubt still persists, “I’m still not sure if I should write the book.” The inner wisdom whispers, “Breathe deeply and allow the stillness within to reveal your true calling. Trust the guidance of your inner voice. If the desire to write this book is deeply rooted within you, then it is surely your destined path.”

As the contemplation goes, clarity slowly appears:

I want to write this book. 

I can write this book. 

I must write this book. 

I will write this book. 

I am writing this book now and I am enjoying it.
I hope you are also enjoying reading it.

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The journey towards the creation of a book, much like the birth of a startup, is a mystical and enigmatic path to embark upon. Both endeavors require a clear and unyielding vision, a well-crafted plan that guides one’s steps, a persistent and tireless spirit, an agile and adaptive nature that embraces change, the ability to attract and hold the attention of a discerning audience, and a savvy acumen for generating and nurturing streams of revenue. It is a journey not for the faint of heart, but for the bold and daring who seek to create something truly magnificent.

As I sat down to type this book, I couldn’t help but wonder how I could make it truly valuable to you, the reader. I thought about all the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my own startup journey and realized that it would be invaluable to condense that information into a clear and well-structured map for those just starting out. I also considered the idea of incorporating Zen teachings to provide a sense of calm and focus for you as you embark on your own startup journey. And lastly, I want to inspire you to not only start your first startup, but to also write your own book and share your own wisdom with the world.

Later, I thought to myself, “What can I do to make this book even better for my readers and for myself?” The answer hit me when Walid, one of my early supporters in this adventure, was sharing his impressions on my first attempts at the first two chapters – why not share my secret recipe for writing a (hopefully) successful book and include it as a bonus material? That way, you not only learn about starting a successful business but also how to write a successful first book yourselves. It’s a win-win!
If the mystery behind the “secret recipe” has yet to pique your interest, fear not, for there is a wealth of relatable stories and experiences to be found in the entrepreneurial journey.

Writing becomes effortless; I feel as though the book is writing itself. Ideas arrive slowly, afford time to be captured. It’s increasingly enjoyable, more and more intense.

The query of “Why am I scribbling this book?” dissipates faster than a drop of water on a hot skillet, as there appears to not be a solitary rationale. It seems to me that the cosmos has been plotting since the dawn of time, grooming me to pen this literary piece. My focus is fixed on a lyrical dance of words, emerging from the unknown depths, piecing together a sentence with tantalizing grace: “This book is presenting itself to you, with a secret message that only your ink and imagination can decode.” 

Buckle up, my dear friend! It’s time to unravel the mystery!

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Early Reviews

“This book was like a gift from heaven. I was surprised and happy to find all the answers I needed for my journey! Such a unique perspective” – Lamia Mamdouh, Director of the Foreign Trade Department at a Holding Company and owner of a Tattoo Studio (Egypt),

“I was impressed by the quality of your writing and your soul that flies between the lines. Your book is well-structured and the ideas are presented in a clear and concise manner. I found your work very informative and inspiring. Your passion for your subject, Zen teachings and Startups, shines through in every chapter and makes the reading very enjoyable.” – Imane Benzekri, PNL Coach (Canada),

“Easy to read and exciting.” – Manelle T., entrepreneur (Tunisia)

“The book is lovely lovely lovely 😍My mind was like a disorganized pile of wool and slowly it turned out into clear and well structured ideas. It’s like the authors are driving us through an easy and an enjoyable ride to our biggest scary dreams! As long as we’re walking, the fears and the uncertainties are falling down.” – Rahma Ayari, founder of Mashroom.com (Tunisia)

About The Authors

Jazem B. Halioui is a serial entrepreneur, renowned speaker, and thought leader in the world of startups. With a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, Halioui has inspired countless aspiring founders to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through his own experiences as a serial entrepreneur, he has gained valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of the startup journey. Halioui’s ability to blend creativity, innovation, and practicality shines through in his writing, making complex concepts accessible to readers from all backgrounds.

Gabriel P. Theodore is a respected expert in Zen philosophy and AI, with a deep understanding of their potential to transform the world of entrepreneurship. As an accomplished writer and speaker, Theodore has captivated audiences with his unique ability to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. His expertise in AI and its practical applications in startups has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs leverage this powerful tool for success. Theodore’s passion for personal growth and his commitment to ethical and mindful entrepreneurship shine through in his work, inspiring readers to embark on a transformative journey.

Together, Halioui and Theodore have combined their expertise and insights to create “Simply Different,” a book that seamlessly weaves together the wisdom of entrepreneurship, the serenity of Zen teachings, and the potential of AI. With their dynamic collaboration, they offer readers a truly inspiring and enlightening guide that will ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and empower them to embark on a remarkable journey of innovation, mindfulness, and success.